Monday, July 9, 2012

Go visit It's Sew Kiki and see the burning

I went to visit Kiera's blog today at It's Sew Kiki....Faith, Family, and Home  I was leaving a comment about her post "Enough!" and ended up with a mini response with no solution to my same problem.....mostly because I'm just too lazy to deal with it.  It's an interesting question.  Go and visit Kiera today....loved her post.


I'm old and fat now so clothes are no longer a temptation to me, but I'm a started with Cabbage Patch dolls, baseball cards, name it I've had fun collecting. I'm currently hooked on fabric, but the price per yard is curing that addiction all by itself.

But now what? Do I sew or spend hours, days, months clearing out my stuff. Do I just leave it for the kids to tackle??

On top of all that my Mom is 91 and is passing all her special items on to me....boxes and boxes of genealogy and keepsakes. The garage is full and the house. It's all pretty neat so I wouldn't qualify for hoarders TV show.

It's impossible to get all the information she had worked so hard for on the computer although I'm trying.

I must say it overwhelms me so I just go sew......grin. Someone will enjoy the estate sale after I'm gone.

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