Sunday, April 29, 2012

2012 NewFO Challenge and Pocket Patchwork - Busy Work Part 5

Part 5 of 6 of Pam Buda's QAL at Heartspun Quilts.  She's also previewing her new fabric called Heart of the Prairie.  Go take a peek.  It's calling meeee.  I'm putting my fingers in my ears and I'm not listening!!!.............grin.

This is also my 2012 NewFO Challenge for April



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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday in the Park......

I know it's unbelievable, but something is actually blooming in our yard!  Credit goes to God!

Stickers yes, but pretty flowers.

When we first moved here, we dug up all the cactus.  It had stickers, and we had grandkids. 

Years ago we thought my Grandma Jessie had something really wrong with her.  She had a tumor in her stomach.  The doctors operated to see if it was cancer and to remove it.  It turned out a cactus thorn imbedded itself in her stomach and tissue grew around it.
After that, she never thought it was very funny when we brought her a  Yes we are a strange lot.


Babysitting Lucky!  For those that haven't met her yet, she's my Granddog.  No sewing today.  Lucky requires lots of attention.


It is still Saturday.  Mick and I go around singing, "It's Saturday in the Park.  I thought it was the 4th of July."  He does usually start it on Saturday....grin.  That's all of the song we ever remember.
So I thought I would play it for everyone today.

Have a great rest of the weekend!

Thursday, April 26, 2012


April FMQAL at SewCal Gal

Pattern drawn on Tulle.
I was sure that Mick told me he bought a yard of this tulle.  Yes, ladies he took it and got it cut while I was shopping.  After I drew it, I realized I had the tulle doubled in the hoop.  Next time I'm turning on the light on my worktable. 

Picture 1
Some of my marks are still showing.  I guess the purple dried up from having it so long.  So I found a blue one called Marks B Gone.  This will be a good test to see if the marks really do disappear.

Picture 2
I tried to shade this picture  with the editor to help it show up. 
I couldn't figure out how to sew this all at once.  The outside of the little buds are sewn separately.

Here's the back.  If you click on it and make the picture bigger, you can see where I have little knots all over it.  Definitely need to take the time to pull the threads through and not go over one spot too much.  I'm not sure how good I could do on a big quilt.  I did take advantage of the size and turn the fabric around to make it easier to sew.

My stitches seem too small.  Guess that means I need to move faster.  I'm happy enough for a first try.

Applique Thursday...not much progress.

It should have been finished, but I went a little crazy and decided to make some cinnamon rolls.  What was I thinking!  It took me all day and I foolishly tried a new recipe.  :(  I should know better.  The bread part was like a heavy bread....hmmmmm

Big Mick said he could have driven me all the way to Austin for Cinnabons for the price of all the ingredients....giggle.  They would have tasted better.  Most will go in the trash.  I know we aren't suppose to eat them anyway, but I was trying to be sweet. 

I'm officially retired from cooking, and if you hear any different bang me on the pan with a frying pan!!

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Linky Party Tuesdays and Pocket Patchwork QAL

Block 4 of Pam Buda's QAL at Heartspun Quilts.


Hop over to Connie's Linky Party.


The maid (Big Mick) came and did the bathrooms for me today.  Too bad he doesn't do laundry.

Lovely Cross Bookmark and Eye Candy

I bought this lovely bookmark from

It came with one of Gene's cards shown below made from his original art work.

Monday, April 23, 2012

I'm seeing Spots!!!!!!!!!!

Block 13

I know I've probably said this before, but this fabric makes me feel like I'm at the Circus....grin.  I sure would enjoy some cotton candy right now....yummy.

More dots for NannyGayle.


It's a wonderful day today.  The only noise is the sound of birds.


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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Applique Thursday and a little progress

I love my leaning Christmas Tree.  It makes me feel like I'm celebrating in Paris...giggle.

Hope everyone has a Blessed day!

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Yummmy Purple!!

Pocket Patchwork - Busy Work - Block 3

I'm so in love with these little blocks!  Pam Buda is doing a QAL over at Heartspun Quilts.
Come and play!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Designer Mystery 2011

Block 11
from the Fat Quarter Shop .  One more to go, but there is a lot of work in the finishing kit.

They are already taking reservations for Designer Mystery 2012.  I'll be skipping this one.  My favorite thing about these mysteries is the price, the instructions are great, and I have lots of fabric left over for my stash.
I took a nap yesterday and still slept until 11:44 this morning or almost  I didn't even stay up as late as usual.  Guess my old bones are getting tired.
It's a good thing Big Mick is such a sweety!

You can sure tell it's Spring in our neighborhood.  The snakes are out.  I'm keeping my little toostie in the house......grin.
Don't forget

Monday, April 16, 2012 know how I love to laugh..........well....

you have to go read this blog.  This is the funniest thing I've read in years.  Please DO NOT miss this one.

Sock Monkey

It's Crooked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Block 11

I didn't have enough of the pointed plaid fabric to do the two long strips.  Soooo like a good soldier I ordered some more.  You can see I cut it straight on the left and right of the 6 1/2 inch strips, but it still came out crooked and the fabric is darker..............hmmmmmm
I will not let this bother me, I willl NOTTTT let this bother me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think I've lost it.

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No it doesn't bother me at all............yikes!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Liebster Blog Award

How sweet is this.....I received the Liebster Blog Award from "My Sister Made Me Do It" .  Don't you know she drove her Mom nuts with that excuse.....giggle.

Thank You!!

The Liebster is given to blogs that deserve to be recognized, but have less than 200 followers. And, of course, the Award comes with just a few "rules", which are:

1) Post about your win on your blog.
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4) Present the award to 5 blogs that have less than 200 followers that you think deserve to be recognized.
5) Let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.

These are my nominations, I hope you all will go check out these cool blogs:

Go have fun checking out these blogs and join in!


The Sampler Society #14

Block 12

I actually have 1/2 of Block 11 ready, but ran out of a fabric I wanted.  DH couldn not understand at all why I needed more of that particular fabric with the huge stash I  NOPE I couldn't explain it to his


So I played him this song and bought the fabric anyway.


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Applique Thursday!

Bunny Hill Snowbound Block 11

Beautiful Eye Candy at Angie's!  She's posted her fist Mystery Block designed by Esther, and Connie has posted an excellent Table Runner.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Sampler Society Quilt #14

Block 9

Still playing catch up.

A year or so ago my Mom was staying with us recovering from a fall.  She spotted something moving in the yard.  It turned out to be a fox with her pups.  We so enjoyed watching these babies play and running up and down the bottom part of the trees and wrestling with each other.

A couple of days ago we saw what we thought was a male fox running through our backyard.  Then zooming through the front yard.  We are so hoping we have another batch of foxes under our storage house.  Papa fox stayed around last time so maybeeeee.

Last years photos.

I called my Mom to tell her about the adventure and she squealed like a little girl.....LOL.  It sounded so good to hear her laugh!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Designer Mystery 2011

Block 10

This little block had 76 pieces in it...phew!

Spring is here!

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