Saturday, June 27, 2020

One Monthly goal finish for June

Flimsy of Cobblestone Lane
This & That quilt.

A new top for Elly (Kitty)

Pin on Valentine's Day Aesthetic & Valentine's Day Design

One Monthly Goal


2020 Designer Mystery
Fat Quarter Shop

Block 1


I saw a wonderful sewing machine on Barb of Bejeweled quilts.  I had to have one.

Thanks Barb!

New Machine and new Ott Light

Everyone have a safe, healthy life.

Monday, June 1, 2020

One Monthly Goal - June

Cobblestone Lane by This & That

Wow!  I found another unfinished quilt top with lots of parts.  By some miracle, I found the pattern stuck between some papers.

First I'll have to figure out whether I had a problem with it, or something new and shiny just took me away.

One Monthly Goal


Our baby birds flew away today.  I thought Big Mick was going to cry. 

Sad Face - Cape Cod Beer : Cape Cod Beer

A couple of photos.

We thought there were 3, but we actually had 5 babies.  Not sure how they all got in that tiny nest.