Thursday, October 24, 2019

Just checking in

I haven't posted in so long, nor have I done much sewing.

I've been busy nursing my poor knee.  I had a Total Knee Replacement in August.

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The recovery has taken much longer than expected, but I'm finally feeling alive again.

I have three more weeks of rehab.  My sweet PT, Mr. Danny, gave me an 

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My health hasn't been good for many years, mostly my fault.  So I'm working really hard to get my balance and walking up to par.

I added on 4 extra therapy sessions.

Danny was shocked that I'm starting to enjoy my exercise.  He said he never expected to hear me to say that.

Me either!  LOL

I could have done this without Big Mick.  He's been a life saver.

Hope all is well with every one.