Friday, August 25, 2017

One Monthly Goal

I did meet my goal for August, but barely.  I planned on doing more, but have a big booboo on my knee.

I heard a noise in the garage, hopped up from my computer chair, caught my big toe in the hem of my boot leg leggings, and bam down on my right knee first and then everywhere else.

I screamed for Big Mick to come help me, but he was sleep watching TV with his earphones on.  It then took a while to wake him.  Plus he has a hearing loss.

Even with him here, looks like maybe I need one of those buttons around my neck to call for help or maybe just a whistle.....giggle.

It swelled up about 4 inches above and below my knee.  The swelling is almost down, but very black and blue even on the back of the knee.  It happened several days ago, but that sucker still hurts.  

My sewing is set up so I have to get up to iron a seam.  The thought was I would get at least a little exercise.  If I did, it didn't help much.  

So I'm just sitting around whining a lot (Grin).

I'm sure after the Hurricane, I'll be back at it.  We are in Elgin, Texas.  The first feeder from Harvey is close, but might not get us with that batch of rain, but the wind is blowing.

The prediction is any where from 4 to 20 inches for Bastrop county.  That's not very specific.

I guess maybe 8 inches, of course, that might be wishful thinking.

We are as prepared as you can get.

One Monthly Goal

This little guy eats lunch with my daughter most everyday.  He's soooo cute.  Her lunch mates don't appreciate him.

What a face!!

Everyone in Texas stay safe and leave if you need to.

Prayers for all in Harvey's path.


Thursday, August 17, 2017

Spring on Bleecker Street by Wendy Sheppard

Started the Bird blocks.  There are two  mirror image. I still need to do the embroidery on these blocks and the last one.

This pattern makes me sooooo happy.
Makes my heart sing!

Spring on Bleecker Street
 designed by 
Wendy Sheppard

Join in everyone. 

The pattern is free!

Sir Paul wrote this song for my little black birds.....giggle.  A gal can dream.

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Monday, August 14, 2017

2017 Designer Mystery Block 3

Block 3
2017 Designer Mystery

"Cat's Pajamas"
Designed by Pat Sloan

On blocks 1 and 2, I forgot to list the designers.  So I'll just do it now.

Block 2

"Piece of Cake"

Block 1

"Bee's Knees"
Designed by Joanna Figueroa

The background to these blocks are all the same.  Not sure why they show in different tones in the photos.


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A snake, a Roadrunner, and a Roadrunner's nest

Enjoy the rest of the week!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

One Monthly Goal - August already??

  Bunny Hill Design I Believe in Snowmen Quilt Kit.

I'll be making all those flying Geese for the first border.

Wish me Luck!

One Monthly Goal

I can't believe it's August already.  Makes me happy because that means Fall is not far behind.

My favorite season.