Friday, May 29, 2020

One Monthly Goal - May Finish

2017 Designer Mystery Final Flimsy

Miss Elly

Farm Girl Vintage.  I thought I only had one border to finish.  After finding the book, I realized it had 3 borders.  I've added two.  Waiting for the fabric for the third and final to come in....soon I hope.  Delays because of Coronavirus.

One Monthly Goal


Below a few photos from our backyard.

Yuck.  We have had thousands.




The babies were too fast to get a big photo.  They aren't  too small anymore, but were running up and down the trees.

Too Fun.

However, we were checking on our tomatoes in the driveway, and Papa was barking at us or the babies.  I didn't want to find out which.

This month, I'll be looking for another UFO.

There are still plenty to choice from.

Friday, May 1, 2020

One Monthly Goal for May - Borders and more Borders

Farm Girl Vintage

Just needs the borders.


2017 Designer Mystery

I found the fabric or close enough fabric to do the final border.

American Jane had the same background fabric used for this in another line.  There is a small difference.  The white dots are just a little larger in the reprint.

Close enough in quilting and horseshoes.


One Monthly Goal

Apparently, I have stopped many tops before the borders.

I'm so easily distracted.

Thanks Patty for trying to keep me on task!