Monday, September 24, 2018

One Monthly Goal - September

Block 1 with Sashing or Outer Border

Block 2 with Sashing or Outer Border.

My goal for September was to put the sashing, Flying Geese, on 2 blocks.  It turns out the Geese are used as additional borders.  So I've added the cream and Flying Geese Borders.

So there you go!!

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Of course, what is one of my post without the critters.

This little guy saw us watching him bury his Hickory Nut.  So he grabbed it and ran up the tree.  Not sure where the nut ended up, but I'm sure he knows.

Not sure if you can see it (click on the photo), but this guy has some antlers.

See you guys and gals next month.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

One Monthly Goal for September

The top two photos are 312 flying geese.  These are the sashing for the 12 Blocks in this 2017 Designer Mystery.

My September plan is to sew these around at least 2 of the 12 blocks.

My sewing mojo is down the tubes right now.

Image result for tired face meme

Haha....that tired face made me smile...a little.

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