Monday, September 19, 2011

Followup on the Hallelujah Chorus (warning it sounds a little like a sermon but it's not)

(I didn't get my Bible out to double check all the facts)

I must admit I rarely understand the meaning to a song. I either like it or I don't. It's like a poem....if you mean a tree you should call it a tree.....grin. You can tell I didn't do good/well (LOL) in Literature or Grammar.


The song does refer to David and Samson and the beautiful women in their lives.  (Both great movies too.  Grandma Jessie took me) We know both guys loved the Lord yet they fell flat on their face.
For 'me' I see what a mess they make of their lives for earthly pleasures (and I have made many), and we can STILL cry out to God and there He is.  The Hallelujah part for me is...we can Praise the Lord in all things even after we mess up.  Forgiveness is there. 

When I'm at my worst (I guess that's a word) I often can do little but Praise the Lord.....a Hallelujah Chorus would fit the bill for me, but I know not for everyone.

If God still loved David and Samson after they missed a step (a big step), then he can still love me. Some human people find that impossible...giggle.....for real. 

To sum it up.  This song gives me Hope.

Probably a song is as personal as the listener. I did debate weather to post this song, but Rhema's voice is a gift from God for sure and I wanted to share it!  It most likely is too mature for her, but she did do it justice.


There seems to be many meanings listed here. based on who made the song their own.

Hey that's my sermon for the year.  Don't run away it 'probablyyyyy' won't happen again....grin.


B J Elder said...

Isn't it great that we don't have to be "perfect" to be loved by God? Thank you for sharing.

Allie said...

Thank you for this post, sweetheart! Yes, her voice is just stunning, I watched a little girl on PBS this weekend singing opera - 10 years old - where are these amazing kids coming from???

I still haven't made up my mind on this song...I'll listen more and try to find the lyrics. It's incredibly haunting and SINGABLE!