Thursday, September 1, 2011

Applique Thursday - A Start

At this rate, I can drag this block out for several months.....grin.
Not much progress at all.  I hope I can cut it out better than I drew the lines.

I did go to the doctors today and get some medicine.
Cough, Cough!

Don't forget to go to Angie's A Quilting Reader's Garden and add your link sharing your applique project.


Angie in SoCal said...

Sorry to hear you're not well, Billie - hope you are better soon. That looks like an interesting project. Lots of parts. Are you drawing them on steam a seam? Look forward to watching your project grow. I'm doing a new one too.

Allie said...

I hope you feel better soon - I'm doing the same thing, still! That's a LOT of parts, girl!

Ivory Spring said...

Looks like you have a fun project going on.

Karen S said...

I am a little bit overwhelmed at all the prep work that goes into appliqué -- so much to do before you get to take even one stitch! It looks like you have a great start!

Bonni said...

Can't wait to see what it's going to be. Is that drawn on freezer paper or heat n bond or steam a seam? Take care of that cough. We want you around for a long time yet. :)