Saturday, April 23, 2011

What do Big Mick, Copperheads,Foxes,

Black Birds, and Black Bugs all have in common.  They have all been to my house within the last 24 hours.  Big Mick came home last night and found this baby snake curled up by the plants on our backporch....Yuck.

Day old dead body

A little smashed in the middle.  Snakes are bigger when they are alive....REALLY!!

These black bugs invaded while Mick was gone.  He's in charge of all bugs, but what can a girl do.  I killed about 20 in the house with my shoe.  I'm mostly not too bright anymore, so I was bending over and smashing them with my shoe, while screaming, and threw my hip out again.  Of course, when I called screaming to Big Mick to come home and kill my bugs, he advised me to put the shoe on my foot and stomp the bug and then it would not  hurt my back...............LOLLLLLL
Light Bulb Moment.

He did request that if I kill the bugs to do it on the tile itself and not in the grout.....giggle.  At least he cleaned them all up for me.

No pictures of the fox and the black birds....sorry.

I'm laying in my bed this morning watching the movie Independence, and I saw a big shadow go past my window.  It was a giant black bird.  Our black birds are so large, I call them black chickens....grin.

I sat up a little straighter to see what was up, and the black bird and his buddies were chasing a gray fox out of my backyard.  It looked like they had already pecked some hair off of his pretty tail.  The birds chased him all the way through my lot and across the street into the woods and then stood guard.
Too Funny!
I wished they would do the same with my cooperheads.

Mr. Hawk just flew over, he does like snakes.  Maybe he'll help out today.

That's enough excitement for this old lady for the day.
Have a Blessed Easter with no critters.


Vroomans' Quilts said...

You can keep those snakes! I'll not complain about our little garter snakes-who keep my bugs at bay in the flower/vegie beds. Happy Easter Billie

Lucky Duck Dreams said...

You picked a winner! Does he have a single younger brother?

Allie said...

I well remember the bugs and critters in TX - lived in Dallas five years - I'll never forget the HUGE spider in my living room one time, a friend came over and walked it out the door for me. Honest, it was too large to kill! I must say I don't miss that part of living in TX. I think you've had enough excitement....