Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fabric, Fabric, Fabric.......................

No sewing going on in this house.  One shelf redone....grin.

Sammie's secret place when I sewed :(((

What a mess!

Finished this box.

 I was collecting red fabric to do Esther's Red Delicious Mystery.  Maybe someday
It is a beautiful pattern.
Most of the bottom row is batiks.

Mom is feeling better and has decided she is not going to move into Assisted Living.  She called the place today.  She is definitely a woman with her own mind.

Big Mick is in Midlothian taking care of the grandkids and my DIL.  She has CVS...some kind of vomiting syndrome, and he took her back to the hospital today.  The AC went out on the truck, so he was really hot on this trip.

Me???  I'm still missing my puppie.


Vroomans' Quilts said...

AHHHH, time will heal that heart ache, but the memories will stay as a love ache. Good way to work thru it - cleaning and organizing.

Toni said...

Hugs hun :( What Vrooman's said is on the mark.

Mommarock said...

Well it is good to see you back blogging! I missed you. I'm sorry you are still struggling with your sadness, hang in there. Your craft room is Amazing!! Look at all of those books :) Yummmmy! I'd love to have gotten in on the Red Delicious Pattern.. I see that one and Swoooooooooon! It came thru before I started quilting. Perhaps I will save up for it someday. And your fabric all nice and neat and organized.. Color coded even!! NICE!! You are certainly making that room something to be jealous of.. oh wait.. I already AM jealous!!

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Time will help but you will always miss Sammie :( Have fun organizing!!

Allie said...

You have a lovely stash - isn't it fun getting it all organized? Well, sometimes. Will your mum be ok? I hope so. Your poor DIL, I'll be praying for her too. And for you, missing your Sammie....hugs to you, dear one.