Thursday, January 6, 2011

Calling all Prayer Warriors

Prayer request!

Susan posted a request for prayer on her blog Life on the Bayou regarding her cancer.

My friend Linda R. fell down her basement stairs and broke her leg.  She now has rods holding it together, and she'll be having surgery on the 6th.  She is a wonderful friend and a great prayer warrior to boot.

Another friend Yolanda passed away, and I'm requesting prayer for her family.  God knows who they are.  She was so kind and always thinking of others.

My dear friend Dick passed away.  I'm requesting prayer for his wonderful wife and daughter and family.  I'll miss his laughter.  When he and Big Mick played pool, they were like a couple of kids.  Dick totally cracked me up.  Love you Dick!

My brother is still recovering from the stroke he had in March on his birthday.  Please continue to pray for him as well.

Praise report!

Ed is continuing to recover from his brain surgery.  Also requesting prayers for Kathy his wife and caregiver.

My Mom is 90 and still doing well! 

My DIL that has been in the hospital at least 15 times (I've lost track) for vomiting seems to have at least a temporay solution.  One of the doctors finally slapped a motion patch behind her ear, and she actually got to spend Christmas with the family.

I know there are many more prayer request in my head, but I just woke up....grin.  You all know I stay up late and sleep late.  That's why I'm not at the quilty bee today.  Carol forgive me, I knew I wouldn't be up in time.

Please feel free to add additional prayer request and praise reports!  Also if you want to receive any comments posted to this post, please hit the subscribe button after you post your comment.

Addition:  My friend BJ over at New Girl B J has some prayer request today also.  If you are so inclined hope over to see her request and her Christmas goodies.


michele said...

I'll lift up a prayer for everyone, and you!

Mommarock said...

And add a little prayer for you to have all of this going on in your life, I'm so sorry.. take care my friend.

Micki said...

Lots of prayers going your way and to all

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Prayers and well wishes to all in need and a blessing to Billie who has pressed for thoughts of her family and friends/

B J Elder said...

Linda got out of surgery around 8:30 last night. Sounds like it all went well. She'll be in the hospital until Sunday.
Thanks for linking my site. You're a gem.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Thanks BJ for the report on Linda "Sue". I cannot tell you gals how much I appreciate your prayers!!

Thank you so much.