Monday, June 19, 2017

Spring on Bleecker Street Step 5

Step 5

Spring on Bleecker Street
 designed by 
Wendy Sheppard

Thanks again Wendy.  Sure love this pattern! Join in everyone.  The pattern is free.


Big Mick has been going crazy with the camera.  Here's a few cute photos.

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Everyone enjoy the week!


margaret said...

this project is coming along beautifully maybe next year before I have a go!! Hope the woodpecker did not get any baby chicks from the bird box.
How lovely to have the wild life to watch from your home

liniecat said...

That's such a beautiful pattern!
Its bright, cheerful and so pretty too.
Some handsome deer there and is that a woodpecker? Ive never seen or even heard one myself!
Nice camera work too lol

Aunt 'Reen said...

Your blocks are beautiful!
I love your pretty fabric choices for this quilt too.

barbara woods said...

love that quilt Billie and Mick's pictures

verpa said...

What an interesting pattern. And free! Thanks for sharing.

Lucy said...

The little bunny is cute on your quilting I love the wood pecker pictures.

Anonymous said...

Mick got a lot of great pictures of your wildlife. Every time I see your progress on this quilt, I want to make it. I hope I live long enough to get to it! LOL Yours is certainly pretty!