Monday, June 15, 2015

Farm Girl Vintage SAL

I tried really hard NOT to SAL....grin.

It started May 1, but I just gave in a few days ago.
We  all know I have no self-control as Big Mick will attest to.


Vintage Market Fabrics
by Tasha Noel
for Riley Blake

My friend Carol showed me these lovely fabrics, and I went shopping.

Thanks Carol!!

I'm going to use these along with my "way to large" stash to play with these blocks.

Week 1

Apron Strings Block


I definitely have some catching up to do.


We had a visitor

She looks a little chubby in the middle....hmmm
Maybe a baby soon.

Hope she stops by again for me to have a peek.


Farm Girl Vintage


Vroomans' Quilts said...

I bought Lori's book, but I am not following the SAL. Right now I am booked with commissions and vending. The deer have been fawning around the farm - we are watching 'Big Red' to see if she has triplets again.

Susan In Texas said...

That's going to be a very fun quilt. I love the fabrics you have chosen. At first I didn't think the Apron Strings block was part of it, but then I found it down at F-2 (I live in the Dear Jane world where everything is gridded - lol). The deer seem very tame, and I bet that fence doesn't even slow them down. :)

Take care,
Susan in Texas

suemac said...

Love the Tasha Noel Vintage Market. So cute.

Karen H said...

This looks like it will be a lovely sampler quilt. The use of stripes in your Apron Strings block is inspired! I think it adds so much visual interest!

Rosa said...

That's going to be a stunning quilt.Happy sewing.What do you do with your quilts?Sell,gift them?

Have a fun week.

Bev said...

Love your first Farm Girl block! Beautiful!

margaret said...

Lovely block have seen a few of the blocks done and like you I am tempted so far have resisted. Do hope you have a baby deer soon coming to visit, it will be interesting watching him/her grow.

Lucy said...

Your apron string block is beautiful, I like your bright colors.

dq said...

Your apron strings blocks will be make a beautiful and delightful quilt. I just love them in those colors. I also like that the strings are uniform although I do still love this pattern in un-uniform strings.

I also very much enjoy your wildlife photos. Were they taken right from your home?

Amy DeCesare said...

I love your Apron Strings block and can't wait to see the rest of your blogs.

Carla said...

I have avoided the SAL because I know there's not enough time in my day as of now.
That vintage market fabric looks pretty cool.
I like the colors in your apron string block.

We have a deer and baby on our farm property but we haven't seen them. My neighbor sent me a picture of them

Can't wait to see more of your blocks