Saturday, May 16, 2015

Mother Day and other Goodies.

Doing a little quilting on the butterfly Pillow!

The little blue bags are from 31. They hold my large and small patterns perfectly.  This was from Mick for Mother's Day....guess I should tell him what he got me....giggle.

These are also from 31, but I haven't decided what to throw in them yet.

This sweet little box and drawing are from my daughter Shelley.
So Sweet.

She also gave me this terrific basket.
Not sure what all will actually end up in all my new containers, but I've definitely have a color theme going.

My son gave me me a Amazon Gift Card.  Always a welcome gift.  So far I've purchased a new hardback book, It's a Long Story by my favorite Willie Nelson.
No I haven't got to read it yet, because Big Mick is hogging it.  This is the first book he's actually read for pleasure.  Yet another new hobby for him.

Thinking of also getting me a pillow form from Amazon to stuff in my Butterfly.

Thanks so very much Brett and Shelley....Oh and you too Big Mickie :)


I'll be linking up today with Angie.

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Vroomans' Quilts said...

Lovely Mother's Day gifts - yes, a very pretty color pattern going. I do LOVE that basket!!

Cathy said...

Beautiful pillow. You got some lovely Mother's Day gifts. Inquiring minds want to know...what is 31? Hugs, Cathy

Karen H said...

What great gifts you received! Your butterfly is looking amazing!

barbara woods said...

nice mother's day gifts, hugs and a late happy mothers day

Anonymous said...

You made me laugh! Your children evidently know how to make you happy. =)

Angie in SoCal said...

Me, too - what is 31 - is it like Tuesday Mornings? Great gifts - lucky Billie. I love what you're doing with the butterfly. Thanks for linking to WIPs Be Gone - lovely progress toward your new pillow.

Shay said...

You were deservedly spoiled for Mother's Day - great gifts ! (including the ones you picked out for yourself!)

Julie Fukuda said...

That butterfly is ever so pretty and all those containers are great for organizing all kinds of things.

liniecat said...

What lovely thoughtful gifts - your obviously loved dearly : )

Carla said...

That butterfly will be an amazing pillow. Very pretty

Allie said...

Ooh what lovely containers, yes I do see a theme, lol! Love the card and box from Shelley. I don't think you should tell Big Mick what he got you...if he asks, say he got you nothing, lol, he might get you more!
Your butterfly is gorgeous!

Clare M said...

Butterfly is gorgeous. Great gifts and what fun to decide what to use them for.

Carla said...

The butterfly is really pretty! Thirty-one is my friend LOL. I have several of the utility totes. They help organize my laundry room sorta but they're also great for packing for quilt retreats.