Wednesday, October 22, 2014

2014 Designer Mystery BOM and a Friend

Block 5
"Brilliant Lissa"

Designed by Polly Minick and Laurie Simpson of Minick and Simpson
for the 
2014 Designer Mystery BOM


and a friend

The tree is in my front yard right outside of my computer room.
Sweet Mommacita!
Probably hiding from her not so little babies that were playing in the backyard.


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Cheryl said...

Nice block, I like the colors you are using.

Lynette said...

THat's a really interesting block - intriguing to have the alternate points broken into triangles like that. And I do love squirrels :)

Lorna McMahon said...

That block looks so intricate.... And you have rocked it, Billie! Looks fabulous! Thanks for sharing the pictures of your squirrel friend, too. Cute!

Karen said...

An interesting star design. Stars are among my favorite block patterns.

Esther Aliu said...

Great colours, I love this block and I can always do with a pic of a squirrel :)

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Lovely block Billie. Squirrels are just another form of a rat.

margaret said...

another nice block you have shared today. Love watching squirrels in the trees so entertaining even if they are tree rats. Here in the UK they are culling some of your grey ones as are red ones are so much in decline our red ones are much prettier than your imported greys!!

Aunt 'Reen said...

Beautiful star block Billie!
Great pictures of that darling squirrel and I really enjoyed that "squirrel feeder" video.

Lesley said...

Another beautiful quilt block! Well done!

cucki said...

aww lovely block and i love the video so much
hugs x

Terri said...

Our squirrels would climb the poll and sit in the feeder for hours. Then we greased the poll with Vaseline. They just kept trying until the grease was gone and they were back in the feeder. Then we got a cone shape from the Bird Store - squirrel baffle. It kept them from climbing the pole, but not the bush next to the feeder. We trimmed the bush down to a place where they couldn't get to the feeder. Then one brave one would jump off the roof of our house onto the roof of the feeder. Well, we gave up. We didn't want to move the feeder into the lawn. Now that brave squirrel has either moved on, or passed on and no body jumps off the roof anymore. We kind of miss the excitement.
Fun video. Thanks for sharing.

Shay said...

Cute Momma squirrel. Love the tones in that block. Looking forward to seeing all those blocks together too.

Lucy said...

The star block is beautiful and so different from any other star. Great stitching.

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

LOL I was laughing so hard at the squirrel I forgot about the quilt block, ha ha

Clare M said...

Such a beautiful block. Great colours and so well stitched.
Love the squirrels too. We dont have them out here, only possums which are classed as a pest.