Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Farmer's Wife Quilt Revival Class

2 - Autumn Tints

4 - Basket Weave

48- Homeward Bound

54 - Kitchen Woodbox

55- Linoleum

It's been several years since I've worked on The Famer's Wife Sampler.
You guys and gals know how easy I drift off onto the next project.

Farmer's Wife Quilt Revival Class

Go check out Karen Walker's classes.  Here's an overview at her blog Laugh Yourself Into Stitches

You can also play along on her Facebook QAL that she started and her Flickr page.

There is another Facebook QAL using Karen's classes, but it has filled up!

Question:  I've been making these mostly in red, blue, and cream.  I'm thinking about adding browns what do you think?

I'll be linking with all these great blogs.  Go checkout the eye candy.


Fresh Poppy Design

Sew Cute Tuesday

Sew Fresh Quilts

Cross my fingers I stay on this project for at least a little while.....grin.


cucki said...

So sweet *.*

Shay said...

Arghhhhhh! The Farmers Wife gives me nightmares. I managed eight blocks that turned into potholders!

A light shade of brown would complement those other colours beautifully.

Lesley said...

These blocks are so pretty...love your fabrics!

Sarah Goer Quilts said...

Beautiful work! They look impeccable.

Carla said...

Beautiful blocks again ; )

margaret said...

good to see these blocks as I bought the book last week and then thought there is no way I can do these.
Brown sounds good but I would be tempted with a bit of orange too

KaHolly said...

They are all so pretty. Brown would look nice.

Anonymous said...

Love your fabrics, but I always do - we are similar in our taste. I think it would depend on the brown. I'm not sure I'd switch in mid-stream, because you'll have to balance blocks that include browns with those which don't. I don't know how many more blocks you have to make. These colors look really great together.

barbara woods said...

Great fabric in your blocks, love them

Raewyn said...

Your blocks look great - love your fabric choices. The classes sound like a good idea - I have started this quilt...sigh!! I think browns will look good in this too.

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

Beautiful blocks! :)

Bev said...

I should be working but I'm looking at your FW blocks! I LOVE those FW block colors! They are perfect! I'm glad we are working on so many of the same things! Wish we could meet up and sew and dish. Have a great Friday.

Clare M said...

A group of us are just starting our adventure with the Farmers Wife. When you look at the quilts in the book you can see they used every colour imaginable in their quilts and they look great. Go for it with your brown, and anything else you get a hankering to put in...after all who says there are any rules...lol.

B J Elder said...

I think I discovered your motto:
She who dies with the most blocks wins! LOL. You sure crank them out my friend and they are always great.

Allie said...

Your blocks are SO well done you intimidate me lol! I think a light brown would work nicely with your colors.