Friday, December 27, 2013

Hexie Friday - More Star Flowers

I finished the orange and almost my new blues.
You have seen this little bear before.
But she's sitting...
on one of my new little end tables with a pullout for coffee.
Here's the way I really live....what a mess.
My good bedspread is in the corner of the room.
I pile up on the backrest to do my hand sewing.
You can see my black stocking gansta hat on the right with my cereal bowl for my dry Cheerios.
And of course Elly.
Here's my grand dog Lucky.  She has decided in her older age that she no longer wants her picture taken and is going to hide in her box.
Poor puppy has been overexposed to the camera.
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Teresa in Music City said...

Love the colors going on in your star blocks Billie! And your new end table is perfect. I put a sample tile under my cup warmers to keep them from damaging the wood, but I had no idea they made end tables like that!!!

Julie Fukuda said...

If you think that is a mess, you have no idea what a real mess is!
The stars are lovely and that table is a winner too.

Carla said...

Fabulous fabulous hexies again : )

traditional_quilter said...

Your star flowers are lovely. Nice end table. Have a great day!

traditional_quilter said...

Your star flowers are lovely. Nice end table. Have a great day!

Angie in SoCal said...

Cute bear and hexies, Billie - like your new table, too. Happy 4th day of Christmas!

Turid said...

I have to try these hexie stars some day. They are just cute.

Sue Daurio said...

LOL I have those pull out things on my living room end tables. For years I've wondered what they were for, hmmm now I know :) Ok the green and blue stars rock. I didn't think there were going to be any cuter than those yellow ones, but the green and blue are winning right now. Love them.

Karen H said...

Sorry but I don't see a mess! If you want to know what a real mess looks like take a look at my sewing table!

I love the colours in your hexagons - they look so juicy and remind me of Popsicles! I'm looking forward to seeing what they turn into!