Thursday, January 3, 2013

Applique Thursday

I've made some progress on "Remembering Annabelle."  She's out of the package! :))
Elly's begging me NOT take the tree down.  There are still a couple of ornaments she hasn't broken yet.
Applique Thursdays
Hop over to Angie's Applique Thursday.  She also has a wonderful giveaway.


Linda said...

Oh Elly looks quite content under the tree! Can't wait to see your progress! Happy New Year!

Soggibottom said...

:-) :-) A very very Happy New Year to you to my friend x x x

Allie said...

ROFL - out of the package is good! What pretty fabric. Aw, leave the tree up for Elly....I remember our first Christmas with our Hermoine, we almost renamed her Destructo-Kitty. Not much survived that year!

Barbara said...

It's so interesting to me how many kitties like sitting under the tree! Smitty loves it, and we've had other cats who liked it too. Then, I've seen several cats on blogs. Seems like someone could rule the world with this knowledge. I must consider ways to put this information to use.