Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving at Our House!

Big Mickie's plate.
You know how he likes to take pictures of his food......grin
My daughter Shelley cooking the sides.
Me??  I prepped for the dressing the night before, cooked the cornbread, and made the gravy.  Then I did the most important thing.  I took it easy and ate all the good food.
Big Mick made the turkey and dressing.
We had a lovely visit with my daughter, my niece Charlene and her family, and Mom.  Mom looked so pretty in her new jogging suit.
Hopefully more pictures to come later from my daughter camera.
The only sad note was my Son Brett's kids were all sick, and they had to cancel....:((((
We missed the hot sauce eating contest between Mick and Charlotte.  Each pretending it's not hot until Big Mick gets the hiccups....giggle. 
Isla missing her cousins.  Yep she's face timing them.
Lucky (grand dog) making up with Big Mickie.....too sweet.

It was a clean off to see who could do the better job.  Mick used Windex and Shelley used Mr. Clean Eraser......giggle. 
Each claimed to be the winner, but I declared it a tie!

And last but not least my daughter made me a Christmas Tree!
Sooo cute!


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Looks like a grand time - oh, that little tree is so cute!

cucki said...

Looks like a fun time you all had .. The tree is so sweet.
Hugs x