Monday, February 13, 2012

Sweet Willie before his a few memories.

Where did the years go!
I was 14 when I first heard Willie sing on an album.

When I was 20, Mick bought me a brand new White Dodge Charger that had an 8-track tape that played Willie singing Night Life.
Yes...I'm that old.  An 8-track tape was the thing...giggle.
That car could fishtail around a corner on dry roads.
It was as wild as me.

One day while walking through my house, I heard Oral Roberts on TV tell me, "Jesus Loves You"
I didn't understand, because I certainly didn't love myself, but knowing that Jesus did, really changed my life.  Certainly, for me, it wasn't all at once.  It was just a little at a time.  Believe me He's still not finished with me.
You see I was damaged goods and believed every word Satan ever whispered in my ear.

I especially believed what a neighbor had to say about me.  I thought she was my friend.  After all, she must be right since she turned all the neighbors against us.
Poor Mick heard her say one day, we need to be more selective about who we invite over to our parties.  She didn't know that he was cutting the bushes and could hear every word she said about us.

(What my neighbor doesn't know is that I have always prayed for her all these years.  I try to remember the fun we had before all this happened.  I didn't pray for her because I was trying to be a bigger person, but I prayed for her because Jesus said to.)

I'm now thankful to her for shunning me.  What I thought was the worst time of my life is what turned me to reading more of the Bible.  I became a part-time hermit...yes I know I'm still a hermit...grin.
Whenever 'I' get out of control or my life does, I do pull into myself until God and I again sort out my life and my sins.  Yes, I can still be a rebellious child.
We are in the middle of a sorting right now.....LOL.

Point being....even the painful things can be turned around by God!

As time went on, and I decided the 'Night Life' wasn't for me.   I found God's Amazing Grace that is still working on me.  I guess I've been a stubborn
He's still working hard on me!

I've definitely kept him busy!

Willie a couple of years ago.


Sandi Linn Andersen said...

Oh, time sure does slip away. :-) I totally did not recognize Willie in the first clip! He sure sounded good on all those songs he sang. Willie and a whole bunch of us are are sort of "works in progress". :-)

michele said...

What a great post - thank you for sharing it!

Allie said...

I don't think we're ever "finished" works of art, you know....I'm glad the Lord worked all things for good for you hon, I'm in a 'sorting' myself, it can be painful but joyful at the same time!

I really, really really don't like Willie...he is not my cup of tea, lol!

Carla said...

I like good ole Willie. At first I didn't realize that was Willie in the first video but the voice was a dead give away.
I know I'm a WIP. All the heavens probably shake their heads when I do something stupid and say "here she goes again". I wasn't a wild one since I knew my momma always had a hickory stick or ruler close by. lol