Saturday, June 4, 2011

New Desk for New Computer....

The look of that box made me nervous...yikes!

Big Mick did the honors of assembly.

All setup!!!

There is no more room to move in here.  I think my study is about 11 X 13 or something like that.  We have 3 desk in here, 1 book shelf, 1 lazy boy, and one tall file cabinet - plus an end table, shredder, and a huge set of Mom's genealogy books on the floor.

It's full!!

None of the woods match.  This desk was suppose to be dark walnut, but definitely has a cherry wood color to it.  What do they call that when nothing matches.....eclectic??

Have a great DAY!!


Sandi Linn Andersen said...

Eclectic would do fine. "Works for us" would also be a good design name. :-) Nice desk at a beautiful window with a pretty view. Looks good to me!

Allie said...

Very pretty - that box didn't look too good though! Love that you get to sit in front of a window, I'm jealous!

Kathy said...

Looking good!!!!!!!!!!!!