Saturday, May 14, 2011

Look who's in my kitchen.............

Mom's up and feeling a little better.  Not sure she wanted this picture taken...grin.

making apricot jelly

Teaching Big Mick her method.


Mom's taste tester

The look of success!

Big Mick wants his picture taken again.

Tiny little bell pepper

Regular tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes

Under our storage building lives a family of little grey foxes.  I can't get close enough for a picture of them.  Yesterday we saw three running around attacking each other.  They would fly about four foot up a tree and get each other.  It was soooo cute, but I am keeping my distances.  They were having such fun.

This morning it looked like Daddy fox running down the drive to the field across the street.  Maybe he went for breakfast.  It's the same fox the Black birds attacked a couple of weeks ago.

Mom said thanks to everyone for their prayers and good thoughts!


Allie said...

Yay she's up and making yummy things!!! SO glad she's feeling better - I'll be keeping her in my prayers!
And definitely stay away from those foxes! Your plants look like they're doing very well, we haven't even planted yet. Not sure if it's going to happen or not. Sigh.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

So happy to see your mom is doing better - and she's making yummies??? Oh, do stay away from the fox, expecially when the kits are young as the parents are protective. We don't plant gardens here in until Memorial weekend - nothing but rain here and can't even get the machinery onto the fields to plant grain corn (cash crop), but the hay fields are almost to the arm pits - now if it would dry up so we can cut it.

Mommarock said...

Yay mom! I am jealous of your garden.. I've worked so hard on mine, and my pepper plants are not growing neither are my tomatoes.. I don't know why.. other things seem to be doing pretty well.. but not those two.. we will see. They just seem like they stopped growing when we moved them outside.. ho hum..