Thursday, April 26, 2012

Applique Thursday...not much progress.

It should have been finished, but I went a little crazy and decided to make some cinnamon rolls.  What was I thinking!  It took me all day and I foolishly tried a new recipe.  :(  I should know better.  The bread part was like a heavy bread....hmmmmm

Big Mick said he could have driven me all the way to Austin for Cinnabons for the price of all the ingredients....giggle.  They would have tasted better.  Most will go in the trash.  I know we aren't suppose to eat them anyway, but I was trying to be sweet. 

I'm officially retired from cooking, and if you hear any different bang me on the pan with a frying pan!!

Applique Thursdays


A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Love your tree!! And I'm sorry about your cinnamon rolls - I just get the kind in the tube - works for me!! ;))

ANudge said...

Funny! Don't give up - cooking is right up there with quilting in creativity. Try Prairie Woman's recipe - she only uses regular ingredients. They're yummy.

Your block is coming along nicely. At least you have fabric to background - I only have paper and fabric so far.