Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Pineapple Quilt and More

How To Sew A Pineapple Quilt Wall Hanging

My Sweet Daughter picked this cute pattern and the fabric out for her.

I've just started on this one.

Here are a couple of the leaves.


Sweet Goodies from Shelley.
The perfect size coffee cup!!


We had a couple of visitors.

He comes for water, but never gets very close.  Took these from the window.

This bad boy will not be coming back.  We do kill the venomous snakes.  We have enough without them reproducing. Upsets some of the neighbors.  I ask what do you do with them.  One said he takes them across the street.  Hey, that's where I live....hmmm


The man and his first peppers this season.


Most of the things I like to do are sitting....quilting, reading, and the computer.

I'm trying out a new hobby to get me up on my feet.

It's really kind of fun and at least I'm moving around.

Dehydrating some veggies. Not sure what I'll do with them, maybe in a soup.

I did some apples, but Mick eats those right away.

He did some jerky with the packs that came with the dehydrator, but it was pretty salty.  If anyone has a good recipe for jerky, please share.


Julierose said...

Lovely leaves you've made--this will be a lovely quilt...hugs, Julierose

sewyouquilt2 said...

Your pineapple quilt will be so nice. Love those leaves

Allie-oops Designs said...

AHHHH I love the pineapple quilt - just downloaded it! I think that will work well with my leftover fabric of Aloha Girl! Your new coffee cup is the perfect size, love it. I like your kitty visitor, but not the other one - I think I'd send the bodies right back to the neighbor, ugh!!!! Nice pic of Mick, glad he's brave enough to garden, lol, with visitors like you have I'd stay indoors. I know what you mean about the sitting - that's why my exercise bike is in the sewing room, and why I don't have a coffee machine in here. Enjoy experimenting with the dehydrator!

liniecat said...

Well obviously ace fabric selection runs in the family!

I'm not sure Id want venomous snakes popping in either! If they are a protected species I suppose there should be someone you could call to relocate them but theyd be gone by the time anyone might arrive!

Nice peppers - that gardener is well worth keeping :)

krislovesfabric said...

The pineapple quilt is looking fabulous :) And...yikes on the snakes, I would want to get rid of the poisonous ones too! We have mainly non poisonous varieties around here.

Raewyn said...

Those leaves look great - i think they will make a lovely quilt. Interesting visitors - I think I'd rather have the cat than the snake!

Soma @ said...

That is a cute pattern. Great start. That is one big cat, he made me laugh out loud. I can't stand any snake, venomous or otherwise. Love the glossy green of the peppers. Have fun dehydrating and coffee in your new mug :)


Mama Spark said...

I love making dehydrated veggies. I especially love to dry hot peppers, then add them to potatoes for breakfast! We also do onions, garlic and other peppers. Sometimes even mushrooms. Love the pineapple quilt, great start too!! said...

Oh love your leaves. I should get a dehydrator. Wow your veggies are so far along, I haven't even got a garden in the ground yet. Too swampy, soupy. Um not to impressed with your long thin visitor either.

Aunt 'Reen said...

The leaves are gorgeous - a fabulous start to the Pineapple quilt!
Your dehydrator looks like it could be a fun new hobby.
Yikes regarding that snake! Happy to see that Big Mick took care of him. Copperheads are the worst/most common venomous snakes to stumble upon around here.