Sunday, December 2, 2012

Already time to VOTE!! we go again.

To vote Click on the button or link above scroll down and leave a comment that you are voting for your favorite quilt.
Mine is #36 BillieBee
Thanks everyone for helping!!
You can click on each picture for a closer look of each block.

This is my favorite block.  The wings are loose and stuffed.


B J Elder said...


Allie said...

This is the cutest quilt ever - love it so much!!!!!

Judy B said...

Billie, that is a cute quilt! Shaking my head, what no 14 bats, LOL! Hope you win.

NancyS said...

I vote for #36, BillieBee. What a great quilt!!!

Sally said...

Voted for your quilt (darling!!) and waiting impatiently to see who won!