Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday, Monday........slowly sewing

My Design Wall Monday is on my machine.  Still truckin' along on my second Sew Spooky block.  I spent two hours trying to make some yoyos for the spiders....Not working.  I'll think of some other way.  Maybe I'll catch a spider from outside and preserve him....LOLLL...yes I'm quickly losing it.


We actually got a few showers in Texas the last couple of days with a few more promised.  Right now it's only 91 degrees.....:)

I 'bravely' left the house (I know that's a shocker), and went to 3 quilt stores in the last couple of days.  I know why I shop online for sales.  I paid $11.25 for one yard of Halloween fabric....good grief Charlie Brown!  That's well past my budget. 

We also went to visit Mom.  She remembered fabric being 4 cents a yard.  Now that's unbelievable but true.  Great visit.  Mom is looking well, and we were both in a great mood at the same time...giggle.  Especially after eating at El Gallo.  Our favorite Mexican place.

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Linda said...

Fabric is getting ridiculous...I'm very glad now that I such a big stash!! Glad you got rain...wish we'd get some here...I'm tired of watering...but we never get rain in the Summer...104 yesterday...Summer is here! Have a happy Monday!!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I think we got 100 drops of rain yesterday - I tried to run thru them so made it easy to count - I don't run fast. They say another week without rain - luckily we gather rain water in our 'buffalo tanks' and use that for all outside watering. We do have a spring fed pond, but that is hard to get down to. And the two on the mountain - bear country!

Unknown said...

First of all, love the spider idea. LOL

Secondly, I had to chime in about the fabric. My lqs in the Denver-metro area is selling fabric for $12.99/yd now. I haven't priced their batiks. OUCH!

Carla said...

Maybe you could make some spiders from buttons? I have seen a button for the body, and then the legs embroidered. Have fun!

Sandi Linn Andersen said...

I could have sent you a yard of Halloween fabric for the cost of a stamp. LOL! I am doing well with my "I will buy no cotton quilting fabric in 2012". I have plenty to spare. I love Halloween. I may have to check out the Halloween blocks. Carla's idea for the spider sounds good to me. :-)

Lynette said...

LOL!!!! (a spider from outside) :D It's a really fun block. This is a great BOM.