Thursday, May 26, 2011

I'm all alone today...

The pretty fox family has left their home under our storage building.  Wonder if the kids were big enough to send off on their own.  I sure had a great time watching Momma fox take care of her babies.

As for my Mom, she recovered from her fall and her colitis and has made the move to new digs.  She's now in independent living, with food, if she wants, delivered right to her room.  She's already been to the in house beauty shop and has her own bath person.

What a life!  Big Mick does call her Queenie....giggle.  She says she is being spoiled.  We moved her into her new home.  Two of her granddaughters came down to help her finish unpacking and learn the ropes of her new place.  Mick will finish moving things out of her old apartment and my daughter will clean it on Saturday.

I'm unpacking all the things she said she was SURE I wanted and trying to find a place for them in our home.  We are now the official store house for things she didn't want to let go and was sure she could never find in the store again.  I guess we do get attached to our things.

Big Mick is golfing and should be home shortly.

Everyone have a great and safe day!


Vroomans' Quilts said...

AN empty nester again! I am glad she is better and now SAFER. They do so like to be independent. Enjoy your weekend.

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Glad to hear that your mom seems to be enjoying her new home - sounds like a great place. I hope you are able to get some sewing in this weekend.

Sandi Linn Andersen said...

Glad your mother is settled in and doing better. Our house also holds many items that my mother-in-law and mother could not part with. We have dispersed some things to our kids who actually enjoy receiving them. Take care of you, too. Have a great weekend!

Allie said...

I wonder what grand adventures the fox family is having! Your mum's new place sounds splendid, maybe I could move it next door. I wish my mum would do this. Although - I do NOT want to ever go through all her stuff. She's the kind of person that if you have something you want to get rid of, you call her. She takes it and keeps it forever, and heaven help you if you want it back.