Monday, April 4, 2011

Domestic Abuse..............please read

Abused Woman ..............please read.  You don't have to be hit to be an abused woman, wife, or ex-wife.

The following is from the above site:

"Domestic abuse:

Are abused women and battered women the same?
Many people think that battered women have black eyes and broken bones. However, domestic abuse encompasses a whole range of ways of controlling and hurting.

Intimate relationships are so intense that sometimes its hard to tell the difference between legitimate anger and a dangerous pattern of wife abuse. And you don't have to be married (or living together) to be a victim of domestic violence.

This site is dedicated to helping women begin to figure out if they are in abusive relationships - and what they might want to do if they decide that they are! And to aid the counselling professionals and friends/families who are supporting them."

Don't be abused.  Please protect yourself and your children.  Find your local shelter for help and advice. 

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