Friday, February 11, 2011

I'm Starting to Breathe Again..............phew

Today Mick comes home!  He's been taking care of a flu-sick granddaughter.  It's true!  He got a flu shot and I didn't so he left me behind..... :((((  Sweet Isla is allllll better.

Our pup Sammie would wait by the window everyday starting about 5:30 thinking Mick would soon be coming home from golf.

Won't he be surprised today!!!!!!  I can't wait either.....grin.

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Mommarock said...

I bet Sammie wil wag his little tail.. and piddle all over he will be so excited. I know all three of my doxies do. They wait for "daddy" to come home from work every day.. and when he does.. they have a special cry baby bark just for him.. it sounds like they are crying. So sweet.. but they must meet daddy outside.. it is a rule!